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One of the top prop trading firms has pulled the plug suddenly and stopped all their operations. The reason for this sudden shutdown remains unclear as company representatives have not disclosed any details regarding payouts or potential relaunch plans. The only thing we managed to find out was that there were disputes over payments and that the company had issues during migrations to new Trading platforms. 

So…What Happened with The Funded Trader?

The Funded Trader, a prop firm under Easton Consulting Technologies, has announced the immediate halt of all operations, including new trades and payouts. If you visit their website you will see a message that is stating how they are sorry and that they thank everyone for understanding. They also state that they will resume the operations after some time, but that is yet to be seen. 

The Funded Trader payouts

Industry Speculation:

Recent reports indicated that The Funded Trader stopped payouts to clients, leading to the removal of their website and the announcement of a temporary operational pause. The lack of communication from Easton has left us all in the dark, and waiting for details on the future actions.

Customer Concerns:

Customers of The Funded Trader and Skilled Funded Trader have their complaints regarding payout denials and trading conditions. The Funded Trader team has acknowledged these issues and said that they have started an internal audit to make sure that the payout is in compliance with their service terms and policies.

How Can You Get The Funded Traders Payouts? 

For traders that are waiting for payouts from The Funded Trader, there is an interesting solution. FunderPro prop firm that is gaining a lot of attention in the industry is offering to help out. They are offering 2 things. 

  1. If You are Waiting on Your Payment from The Funded Trader 

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You can sign up to FundePro, send proof that you are waiting on The Funded Trader payouts and they will give you 50% off on any Challenge from FunderPro. 

They will also negotiate on your behalf with The Funded Trader so you can get your money back. 

  1. If you were The Funded Trader Customer 

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How can FunderPro Help you Get Your Funds Back? 

Funderpro is actively involved in negotiating approved payouts for traders that are affected by The Funded Trader’s business issues. They want to help traders that got affected. Their team is working hard and negotiating for the former The Funded Trader clients, helping them solve payout-related issues as well as providing more support during this uncertain period.

For those seeking new opportunities in funded trading, FunderPro offers real capital funding, A-booking, and daily payouts. Use code FUNDERPRO25 for a 25% discount on any Funded Challenge.

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