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Thousands of Forex traders use Forex signals, and you’re probably wondering whether they will be a useful tool for you. Here on this page we plan to introduce you to the idea of Forex trade signals and explain the best way to use them. Once you’ve read all the best information here, you’ll be in a great position to make an informed decision.

Best Forex Signals


What are Forex trade signals and how do they work?

The best Forex signals help traders make critical decisions regarding their trades. They have become a very important tool for a large majority of traders, and most will have made use of them at least once or twice in their Forex trading journey. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, some of which are free, while some are offered in exchange for a fee.

Forex signals are basically a set of analyses that help a trader decide whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a particular time. Also known as Forex signal systems, they can be based on charting tools, news-based events, or on technical analysis. Successful Forex traders often make use of a number of different signals, all working together to help with trading decisions.

Forex signals are sent to traders and contain trading instructions. A Forex signals service works by sending notification to a trader about upcoming trading opportunities. It is then up to the trader to react and act or ignore the indicated trades. A trading signal service is usually offered in a couple of different ways. It could be one that follows the trades of other real traders and then copies their actions, or be a subscription service offered by various software platforms. The software analyses the markets and makes appropriate suggestions.

Different types of Forex trade signals

As we’ve already mentioned there are basically two types of Forex signals available for the day trader.

  • Copying other people’s trades

This is the most popular type of Forex signal and is called copy-trading signals. The clue is in the name, as to how they work. It involves following the trades of other real traders, and copying the trades that they make. There are a number of different copy-trading signal providers, such as eToro. Traders are given the opportunity to enter the service to become signal providers, but there are usually a number of specific requirements, such as set trading volumes. Other traders can choose to use the platform and follow these signal providers.

Copying another person’s trade can happen automatically, or the signal service will send a notification and then it’s up to the individual trader to execute the trade manually, should they want to. It is usual for this type of signals service to charge a subscription fee, or take commission from a trader’s profit. The signal providers who are being followed charge commission on the profits of the traders that are following them. This type of signal service has become very popular, because all the participants of the business only make money if the traders using the service make money.

  • Generating signals using algorithms

This type of signals service doesn’t use real people to generate the signals. Instead, these are automated or algorithm-based signals, which scrutinize various charts and make predictions, and can be relatively accurate Forex signals. This type of Forex signal uses the same tactics and strategies a manual trader would use, but there is no human emotion involved, just a set of clear cut rules to follow. Fundamental and technical analysis, along with a variety of indicators are used to uncover any developing trends.

Trends are predefined and often predictable movements of currency pairs, and once the software has uncovered them it sends a signal to the subscriber, and advises them to make the appropriate investment. Automated Forex signals can be quite accurate, but historically, not all have proved to offer the same level of accuracy. So much so that a large number of traders still prefer signals generated by a real live human being. But not all automated signals are cut from the same cloth, and there are some that do make relatively accurate predictions. Many traders, even some of the most advanced, choose to use signals generated by algorithms on a daily basis. However, they will tend to evaluate the signal themselves before acting on the prediction.

Is it a good idea to use a Forex signals service?

Using the services of a signals service is a very popular tool, used by thousands of traders, regardless of how much Forex experience they have. So it seems pretty obvious that the best Forex signals providers have something worthwhile to offer. Using signals will improve the chances of making a profit and get you on track to trading success. But what is it that different traders find so appealing?

  • For the beginner – When first starting out on a Forex journey, it can all be very confusing and difficult, especially if going it alone. Which is why accurate Forex signals are a blessing, as they will help a novice trader to learn how a professional trader trades. With the opportunity to copy the trades of those with far more experience it is a great way to set off on the right foot.
  • For those with little time – Not everyone has the time or energy to sit in front of a computer all day and analyze the markets looking for trades. For this type of Forex trader a signal service means there is a more professional trader keeping an eye on the markets for you. Which saves a lot of time and headaches. Also a professional Forex trader is far more likely to achieve better results.
  • For the experienced trader – For veteran traders, using a signals service provides a real opportunity to hone their skills, as well as provide an additional source of profitable trades to expand and vary their own strategies. It can also be a very sociable affair, as it means joining a community of like-minded traders who use chat and live trading rooms to communicate. Which can only be a good thing as it is a way of helping each other get better results.

What can you expect from the best Forex signals providers?

You may already be considering using the services provided by a signals provider. However, you may be confused about what will be offered, and whether this is the right kind of tool for you. So let’s take a look at a number of different services offered by the leading Forex signals providers. They include:

  • Personal coaching, one-on-one – This is offered in a variety of ways, such as joining a forum, participating in a comments section, or other forms of individual interaction
  • Personal account management – Many providers offer to manage the accounts of their subscribers
  • A wealth of training resources – These could be offered online or by phone, and are an excellent way to become better educated in the intricacies of the Forex market
  • Infographics – Including supporting graphs and analysis of the various signals
  • Entry, exit, and stop loss figures – Which could be exact or approximate, and for one or more currency pairs
  • Trading history – This will show the number of pips profit/loss per month, and the risk/reward ratio and actual trades. It is sometimes shown as back tested results

Many signal providers offer their services for free, and some also offer a trial subscription at a lower price. But we should point out that there may be an ulterior motive for offering this type of service for free. And that is to entice unwary new clients, and to encourage them to trade more than they really should. The services mentioned above are the most common, but not all providers offer them all.

How to pick the best Forex signal service provider

You’ve probably got enough information to consider accurate Forex signals a good tool to use. But how should you go about picking the best one? There follows 6 important factors you should check before picking the best Forex signal service provider for you.

  • Is it it well structured and easy to follow? – The top Forex signals are in a well structured format, with well defined entry and exit prices, and stop loss figures. These will be very helpful in terms of money management and for gradual growth of your trading account.
  • Are the signal performance details clear and concise? – When looking for accurate Forex signals all factors such as entry point, stop loss and take profits should be clearly visible so a trader can easily see all aspects and be able to decide whether a signal is profitable and suitable. The performance details should be regularly and promptly updated.
  • Be wary of unrealistic profits – If a signal provider is showing signals with 5 or more pips profit from a trade this should raise suspicions. This level of profit is completely unreasonable and the signal may have been generated by a robot or expert adviser, and not all that dependable.
  • Signals that appear to be random – A number of Forex signal providers send random signals that appear to have no clear methodology. Most likely they have been robot or EA generated. The best Forex signals are provided after detailed analysis, not just for the sake of providing a signal.
  • Consider the timing of the signal – It is preferable to be able to define the timing of your signals, as not everyone will have the time to spend hours waiting in front of a computer for the provider to send a signal.
  • Free trial period – It would be a good idea to choose a signal provider that offers a free trial period. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself entering blind, which has the potential of risking all your hard earned cash, before you find out whether the company is good or not.

How best to use Forex signals to guide your trading decisions

Once you’ve made your decision on the best Forex signals provider to use the hard work is pretty much all done. With live Forex daily signal services you are sent instant alerts, along with in-depth analysis of the recommended trades. The analysis usually takes place 24/7, and provided you’ve picked the best provider, the signals will be very accurate. Which means you can rest assured the decisions you make based on these signals will be sound. Forex trading signals point the way to success and they are a great saver of time. Free trials are a great way to get started and get a feel for the way that they work. And once you understand the information you’re being given you can upgrade to a subscription service. This paid for service will at the very least offer automatic alerts and on-demand analysis.
Now you’ve had a basic introduction into Forex signals, let’s finish up with a few tips for your Forex trading success.

Tips to help you become a more successful Forex trader

  • Don’t use emotion to make trades – Don’t make the mistake of making trades on a gut feeling, or let worry, panic, and feelings of invincibility dictate your decisions. Trades should be made on the basis of technical and fundamental analysis. Don’t be scared, and don’t be overconfident either. Be analytical rather than emotional and you’ll be much more successful.
  • Use more than one method of analysis – Don’t they say that three heads are better than one? The same goes for methods of analysis. It’s not imperative you get multiple confirmations, but it’s never going to be detrimental.
  • Carefully watch indicators – When your indicators say it’s time to enter a position go ahead and do it. And when it’s time to get out, get out straight away. Waiting is often the downfall of many traders.
  • Use a tried and tested trading system – Use a system that has shown itself to be successful over time.
  • Remember, you can’t beat the market – You’ll never be able to outsmart the market, so don’t even try. Take time to learn how the markets work and choose a trading system that suits you and your personality.

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