Forex Cyborg Review

Our Forex Cyborg review unpacks an automated forex trading bot designed to work with the popular MT4 trading platform. This bot, when implemented through the trading platform’s EA function, claims to produce an impressive win rate of around 77% on a range of top currency pairs.

Forex Cyborg is designed and aimed at professional traders. In this review, you can learn all about the main features and functions of the bot to see how it could be beneficial to your trading activity.

How does Forex Cyborg work?

Our review of Forex Cyborg found the software to be simple and user-friendly. The background processes, however, are complex and have been created by a professional team of traders and programmers. This ensures you receive an efficient and profitable forex robot.

Once downloaded and activated within your Metatrader 4 platform, Forex Cyborg takes care of everything, including opening your trades, setting the appropriate stop losses, adjusting, and closing trades at the appropriate time. You can trade as many as 18 currency pairs simultaneously on 15-minute charts, and it works on both the desktop and mobile versions of MT 4.

Our Forex Cyborg review also revealed that the system is completely and comprehensively back-tested. The developers have even included simulated slippage, which may occur during real trading.

How much does Forex Cyborg cost?

There are two different Forex Cyborg packages available. The first of these is known as the Forex Cyborg Gold package, priced at €499.99. Once purchased, you are free to implement the EA whenever you like, and you’ll also benefit from lifetime support, updates and unlimited demo account functionality.

If you wish to use Forex Cyborg on more than one trading account, you’ll need to select the Premium package which costs €599.99. This one-time fee gives you access to all of the same top features of the Gold package, with 2 additional real licenses included.

This means you can apply the Forex Cyborg trading robot to a total of 3 Metatrader 4 trading accounts. This is perfect if you are working with a team of traders and want to apply a uniform automated trading strategy.

When should I use Forex Cyborg?

Our Forex Cyborg review team found that this particular forex bot is primarily aimed at professional traders. This is because the robot can support up to 18 simultaneous currency pairs and also incorporates neural networks and deep-learning algorithms.

That being said, as the system is fully automated and comes with easy to follow instructions, it remains very accessible and user-friendly. Whilst the price is marketed at experienced traders, the straight-forward design means it’s suitable for every trading level.

Pros and Cons of Using Forex Cyborg

  • Forex Cyborg is completely automated, meaning you don’t need to be active in any step of the trading process to profit
  • Although slightly more expensive than some robots, Forex Cyborg offers value for money as it comes with a lifetime of support and updates
  • The Forex Cyborg Premium package can be applied to multiple trading accounts, which is perfect for professional traders or trading teams
  • Forex Cyborg doesn’t offer a free trial, although it does provide a demo account and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The robot may not operate on more minor or exotic currency pairs

Is Forex Cyborg Easy to Use?

Our Forex Cyborg review team found the system to be extremely easy to use. The interface of the Forex bot is easy to navigate and, once the software is downloaded and added it to your MT4 trading platform, the entire process is completely automated.

To make this process even easier, you are given simple, easy to follow installation instructions. These should help you get started as soon as possible.

Our review team also noted that both Forex Cyborg packages come with lifetime support so, if you ever encounter any kind of problem, you can contact the helpful support team.


Forex Cyborg is a professional forex trading bot that has the ability to handle a large amount of trading activity at one time. Given the capability of the robot, it’s well priced and appears to operate with trust and a high degree of transparency.

During our review, we found that Forex Cyborg delivers a very strong win rate which is backed by extensive back-testing and real-life usage data.

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Does Forex Cyborg actually work?

Yes, the Forex Cyborg forex robot works very well. It is compatible with MT4, one of the most popular trading platforms. It offers significant backtesting for your trading strategies and comes with comprehensive backtesting tools and slippage simulation.

How much is Forex Cyborg?

This forex robot is available at two different price points. For €499.99 you will receive lifetime support, updates, and unlimited demo account access, but accessible with one trading account. For €599.99 you’ll receive the same benefits and two additional live trading accounts.

Is Forex Cyborg legit?

Yes, Forex Cyborg is legit. The company offers transparent backtesting data with a proven track record for success. Additionally, this forex robot offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to test with your preferred broker on the MT4 platform.

Where can I download Forex Cyborg?

Forex Cyborg is available to download directly on the software developer’s website. They provide detailed installation instructions as well as a setup guide to get you started. This forex robot can also be found directly on the website of partnered brokers.

Does Forex Cyborg work with mt4?

Yes, Forex Cyborg is completely compatible with MT4. Once properly installed and opened, you will have full access to this trading robot using either the web-based or mobile app versions of MT4. With the Premium pack, you can have a total of 3 MT4 accounts active at once.

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