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FBS Review

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Is FBS a Trusted Broker – Detailed Review of the Broker

FBS broker is a leading international Forex broker with a presence in over 150 countries. Being a choice of over 17 million traders, FBS is a very reputable broker that has a lot to offer to its clients. FBS is known for being very active when it comes to offering traders a high-quality experience.

Among many other things, FBS offers its clients special seminars and events, making trading more accessible and exciting for traders. Established in 2009, FBS has managed to become one of the most rewarded brokerages you can find online.

Since its establishment, it has managed to win numerous reputable awards and has been named as the best brokerage numerous times.

FBS is known for its competitive and generous offerings. Available leverage at FBS is up to 1:3000, it offers very low spreads and six different account types. Thus, anyone can find something that fits their individual needs. There also is a 24/7 customer support team available at FBS.

But, this is not all. There is a lot more that traders should know about FBS. So, follow our FBS Forex review and see what distinguishes this broker from the rest.

FBS – A Quick Overview

Established in 2009, FBS has become one of the leading Forex brokers in the market. The company operates in numerous jurisdictions around the world, including the EU. The head office of the FBS Forex broker is located in Cyprus.

It offers traders access to leading trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. There are numerous available trading assets at FBS, including Forex, Metals, Energies, Stocks, Indices, as well as Cryptocurrencies.

The broker offers traders leverage of 1:3000, however, it can be limited according to your location. There are six different account types that traders can use at FBS. They are created so that traders of any interest can find something that fits their personal trading needs.

FBS overview

Is FBS Legit? – Review of Licenses

FBS is a very heavily regulated Forex broker. As already mentioned, the broker offers services to traders from over 150 countries. This is possible because FBS has licenses from different jurisdictions around the world. Such a regulatory framework makes this broker one of the safest brokerages online.

To offer services to the traders from Europe, the FBS regulation of CySEC is very important. CySEC is one of the best-known regulatory bodies around the world. It stands for the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and is the main financial regulator of Cyprus. Being the EU-member state, this license gives FBS the ability to offer services throughout Europe.

This is guaranteed by the MiFID II directive, which is one of the most important Forex trading laws in Europe adopted by ESMA, the main regulator of Europe. The main aim of the directive was to make Forex trading laws in the region more comprehensive.

Regulated Around the World

But, is FBS a regulated broker in other parts of the world as well? Not only is this broker regulated in the world, but it has licenses from some of the best-known regulatory agencies globally.

The global branch of the company is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize, IFSC. This regulatory agency is very well-known in the Forex trading market.

Although it is not the most reputable regulatory body around the world, it still is a great indication that FBS is a legit Forex broker. With this license, this broker is able to offer services to traders from numerous different countries globally.

FBS offerings

This license has helped the company to become a true leader in the global Forex trading market. Apart from this, another FBS broker regulation is from South Africa.

Financial Sector Conduct Authority, simply known as FSCA, is the main regulatory body of South Africa. This license gives FBS access to numerous African countries and guarantees the safety and security of traders from the region.

FBS is also regulated in Down Under. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission is the main financial regulator of Australia and is known for being very active with its regulatory activities. The regulatory agency has adopted numerous new laws over the past few years, further safeguarding traders and their funds.

Thanks to the international regulatory status of the broker, it is able to offer services in numerous countries around the world. For example, the FBS Malaysia branch is very popular among local traders in the country.

FBS Trading Review – Accounts Types

As we have already mentioned, there are numerous accounts types available at FBS. The main reason for offering such diverse trading account types to traders is to make sure that anyone can find something that fits their personal needs. Among the different types of accounts, you can create at FBS are:

  • Standard Account
  • Cent Account
  • Micro Account
  • Zero Spread Account
  • ECN Account
  • Crypto Account

All of these accounts are different from one another and offer traders different types of services. Let’s discuss each of them and see which one is better for you.

What is the Minimum Deposit for FBS Standard Account?

A standard account is a perfect choice for Forex traders who do not want to risk too much. Experienced market players can enjoy this account as it offers numerous advantages. The spreads for this account are floating, and they start from 0.5 pip.

There are no commissions for Standard Account holders, and the leverage can go up to 1:3000 unless there are restrictions on leverage in your jurisdiction. There are numerous assets supported by standard accounts, including 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, indices, and over 30 stocks.

The FBS standard account minimum deposit is just $100, which is not that much, and lets traders start their journey from a considerably smaller initial budget.

Small Accounts – Cent & Micro

While the standard account of FBS is a very popular choice among traders, it might not be the best choice for beginners. If you have just started Forex trading and you do not have much experience in the market, it might be a better choice to go with special account types created for beginner traders.

Cent and micro-accounts are a perfect choice for those who want to trade Forex with their actual funds but also want to gain a bit more experience in the market.

FBS cent account

The minimum deposit for FBS cent account is just $1, with a floating spread starting from 1 pip. There are no commissions for a cent account and the leverage can be as high as 1:1000. At this account, the balance is displayed in cents, and transactions are also carried out using cents.

This means that if you deposit $100 to your account, you will have 100,000 cents on your balance. This is a very low-risk trading account and can be a great help for beginner traders. It offers access to 35 currency pairs, over 30 stocks, indices, as well as metals.

As for the micro account, the minimum deposit in FBS for micro account holders is just $5. Spreads are a bit higher for micro account traders, starting at 3 pips, but, just like other accounts, there are no commissions. The leverage is 1:3000 for micro traders.

Zero Spread & ECN Accounts

Zero spread account is one of the most popular accounts at FBS. The minimum deposit FBS for a zero spread account is $500, and it offers traders fixed spreads of 0 pip.

However, it does come with additional commissions, which start from $20 per lot. Holders of zero spread account can only trade currency pairs and metals. This account is also available on MetaTrader 5.

ECN account, which stands for the Electronic Communication Network account is a great choice for professional traders. As our FBS account review shows, it offers traders the opportunity to get the best possible conditions for trading currency pairs.

This account offers traders 25 currency pairs for trading and is available on MetaTrader 4. The main benefit of this account is that it offers traders the fastest market execution, very low spreads, and amazing quotes with no delay. While the spread of the account is very competitive, starting from negative 1 pip, it does come with a commission of $6.

If you like what you are reading, go ahead and open an ECN account with an FBS minimum deposit of $1000. While the minimum deposit for this account is quite high, it certainly is worth it due to so many services it has to offer.

Crypto Account

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, FBS has a special offer for you. The newly-created crypto account is a perfect solution for cryptocurrency trading. With over 100 available instruments and pairs, you can get the best out of crypto trading with FBS.

Crypto account at FBS

The minimum deposit for this account is only $1, and it offers traders floating spreads from 1 pip. There also is a commission with this account, 0.05% for opening and 0.05% for closing positions. The leverage offered to crypto traders is only 1:5. Holders of crypto account are able to make deposits and withdrawals in both crypto and fiat money.

FBS Regulated Broker Review – Available Assets

FBS offers traders a wide range of trading assets. Among them are:

  • Forex
  • Metals
  • Indices
  • Energies
  • Stocks
  • Crypto

FBS is largely focused on the Forex trading market. There are over 35 currency pairs available at FBS and they are across all types. You can trade major, minor, as well as exotic currency pairs with FBS.

Metals are also very popular at FBS, you can trade metals like Gold and Silver at this Forex broker. There also are leading indices available for traders at FBS, including EU50, Dow Jones, S&P 500, and so on. In addition, you can also trade shares of leading companies such as Google and Apple, energies such as crude oil, and cryptocurrencies as well as crypto pairs.

The best thing about all of these is that if you consider what is the minimum deposit for FBS, which is only $1, you can easily see that the broker has services for any type of trader. No matter what you are looking for, you can certainly find it on FBS.

Trading Platforms Available at FBS

When it comes to trading platforms of FBS, there are several options for traders. For desktop trading, you can use two of the most popular trading platforms around the world:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

Created by the same software developer company, called MetaQuotes, both MT4 and MT5 are very popular around the world. MT4 was created back in 2005 and it has forever changed the way people view trading platforms and the way they trade Forex.

So, when trying to answer – Is FBS a good broker? It is important to discuss the platforms available at the broker as they give you access to the trading market.

Trading platforms of FBS

MetaTrader 5 was released a bit later, in 2010, and it has also become a very popular trading platform around the world. Both of these trading platforms are known for offering traders of all backgrounds and interests amazing and very high-quality services.

MT4 and MT5 look very similar in terms of their design. However, they are still very different from one another. MT4 and MT5 both offer traders access to numerous trading assets. However, MT4 was created with Forex trading mainly in mind, while MT5 is mostly used for other trading assets as well, such as stocks, CFDs, indices, cryptos, etc.

Once you put a minimum deposit on FBS, you will be able to use any of these two trading platforms for your trading endeavors.

Mobile Trading

Both of the trading platforms, MT4 and MT5 can be used for mobile trading. You can download them on both iOS and Android devices and start trading with FBS. But, this is not all, there is a special FBS Trader that is available for mobile trading.

Our FBS broker review shows that the FBS trader is very popular among the clients of the broker. This all-in-one trading platform can be used on both iOS and Android devices and offers traders the ability to get in touch with the master in just one click. It brings everything to one place, offering traders the opportunity to do everything they would do on their desktop-based platform.

Bonuses Available at FBS

There are numerous bonuses and promotions available at FBS. However, keep in mind that traders from certain regions won’t be able to receive these bonuses due to the local regulations in their jurisdiction.

Among many bonuses and promotions on the broker, you can find special cashback events, level-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, and many others. There also is a special FBS copy trade referral program available at FBS. You will be able to get $75 by inviting friends to profit together.

FBS Bonuses

The broker has also partnered with numerous industry leaders around the world to offer traders amazing services and additional opportunities for fun. The company is an official partner of Leicester City and FC Barcelona.

Learn More while Trading with FBS Regulated Brokers

FBS offers traders numerous trading educational opportunities, which can be used by traders to learn more about the market and grow as traders. Among them are video guides, articles, blogs, and many others.

Thanks to this offering, you can learn more about the market and grow as a trader. The educational material of the broker is very detailed and can be very helpful for Forex traders.

Pros & Cons of FBS Trading

  • Licensed by leading regulatory agencies including CySEC, ASIC, FSCA, and IFSC
  • Numerous available trading platforms including MT4 and MT5
  • Special bonuses and promotions available for traders
  • A high leverage up to 1:3000
  • High leverage can increase the risks of Forex trading
  • Is not regulated in the USA, thus, not available for American traders

Customer Support of FBS

FBS offers its clients 24/7 customer support services. The team behind the broker is always able to offer clients very detailed information about any topic.

There are several different options you can use to contact the customer support team of the broker, among them are the live chat and the callback option. We tried out both of these options and they were very helpful.

FAQs about FBS

Is FBS broker regulated?

Yes, FBS is a regulated Forex broker. This broker is regulated by leading agencies around the world, including CySEC, ASIC, FSCA, and IFSC. Not only is FBS regulated, but it follows the regulatory frameworks of these leading agencies very closely to ensure the highest standards of safety.

What is the FBS broker minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit to open an FBS account is $1. This is for the cent account, however, FBS standard account minimum deposit is higher – $100. For an ECN account, the minimum deposit is even higher – $1000.

Can you trade cryptos as FBS?

Yes, you can trade cryptos at FBS. There even is a special FBS trader account available for crypto traders and it offers access to over 100 crypto assets, including cryptocurrencies, crypto pairs, and many others.

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