StrategyQuant Review

StrategyQuant is a powerful platform that gives you the tools you need to develop your own automated trading strategies. If you currently think algorithmic trading or strategy testing is reserved for tech wizards, our StrategyQuant review is here to change your mind.

Using this relatively new platform, you can develop research and generate your own trading algorithms and auto trading systems with complete ease. No programming experience is required, thanks to the easy point-and-click style interface. This allows you complete freedom to generate your own trading systems using your own rules.

Read on to discover the various ways in which StrategyQuant empowers you to design and develop your very own trading algorithms and EA strategies.

How does StrategyQuant work?

Our review of StrategyQuant discovered that this software allows you to build your very own automated trading strategies. The StrategyQuant platform essentially allows you to create your own forex trading robot. You can create a trading strategy from scratch, or alter an existing EA, using your own trading rules.

This can all be done very efficiently and with no prior programming knowledge required. The user-friendly, point and click platform allows you to implement different rules and variables, with the platform taking care of the coding.

Once created, your strategy will be fully back-tested by the StrategyQuant software so you can tweak it to achieve the best possible performance. You will also receive your own uniquely generated source code for your trading strategy, which is yours to do with as you wish.

Our StrategyQuant review team found the automated trading strategy source codes are currently fully compatible with MT4, MT5, TradeStation and Multicharts.

How much does StrategyQuant cost?

As a new StrategyQuant user, you can take advantage of a free 14-day trial. During the trial period, you’ll have access to the full software, as well as Skype and email support and a crash course in creating trading robots. This allows you to decide whether StrategyQuant is for you, without having to make a financial commitment.

After the trial period, if you are happy with StrategyQuant, you can choose between a number of pricing options.

The Starter package offers most of the platform’s core features and is priced at $1290. This is a one-time payment which gives you lifetime access to the software, with support and updates for a one-year period.

The Professional package is the most popular choice and is priced at $1490. This includes everything in the starter package combined with extra features like an optimizer, advanced robustness testing, and data on additional markets. Again, this package gives you lifetime access to the StrategyQuant software and support and upgrades for a year.

Finally, the Ultimate package is available for a one-time payment of $4900. This includes lifetime updates and support as well as a host of additional bonus items such as lifetime data subscription and educational video courses. For our review team, this stood out as the best StrategyQuantpackage for experienced traders.

If you prefer, you can spread the cost of any package across three months. This will cost you a little more than making a single payment, yet it may make the software more accessible to some traders.

When should I use StrategyQuant?

Our reviewers found that StrategyQuantis most useful if you already have a basic knowledge of forex trading. Whilst the software is easy to use, as you are essentially creating your own robot, it’s most suited to traders who know what markets they want to trade in and what variables they want to control.

StrategyQuant could also be useful to you if you’re interested in Forex scalping, or if you wish to start your own Forex bot service. As the software gives you your own source code, you can use these results to share your automated strategy with others, for a fee.

Pros and cons of using StrategyQuant

  • A user-friendly, intuitive platform that doesn’t require any coding knowledge
  • The 14-day free trial allows you to try the full platform before purchasing
  • Great video training guide to help you with StrategyQuant and trading in general
  • Relatively expensive pricing options, especially for new traders who may prefer a subscription-based plan
  • Source codes are not currently compatible with all trading platforms/li>

Is StrategyQuant easy to use?

One of the biggest benefits of StrategyQuant is how easy it is to use. The interface is intuitive, which makes you feel comfortable with the program almost immediately. StrategyQuant also removes some of the scarier parts of creating a trading strategy, such as coding, as the platform takes care of this for you.

In this sense, StrategyQuant is ideal if you are first time automated trading strategy designer. Once you’ve got to grips with implementing your specific rules, the results come together easily and in a clearly understandable fashion.


Overall, StrategyQuant ticks many boxes. If you are looking for a trustworthy automated strategy designer which is also easy to use, then there may be no better choice on the market currently.

For a competitive one-time fee, you can start designing your very own proprietary trading strategy which can be integrated with all of the major trading platforms. You’ll also have access to your own source code, which means you can share your designed strategy with whoever you like. Ready to try it out for yourself? Check out the StrategyQuant website for more details.

The best brokers to use with this software are listed below.


Does StrategyQuant actually work?

Yes, the StrategyQuant trading robot works very well. The software enables you to build and customize automated trading strategies without the need for programming knowledge. This can be done using personalized trading rules that can then be backtested for results.

How much is Strategy Quant?

This automatic trading robot has three packages available to choose from. Initially, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial before selecting one of these deals. The Starter package costs a one-time payment of $1290. There is also the Professional package for $1490 and the Ultimate package for $4900.

Is StrategyQuant legit?

Yes, StrategyQuant is a legit trading robot that allows you to test both demo and live trading accounts. The software’s controls are extremely user-friendly and allow you to customize and build a trading robot using your own rules and strategies.

Where can I download StrategyQuant?

This trading robot is available for download directly on the developer’s website. Additionally, some forex brokers will provide a direct link to download StrategyQuant on their website as it is compatible with many popular trading platforms including MT4.

Does StrategyQuant work with mt4?

Yes, StrategyQuant works with the popular trading platform, Metatrader4. This means that you will also be able to access StrategyQuant through the mobile version of MT4. It also functions with MT5, TradeStation, and Multicharts.

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