FXTM Acuity Expert Advisor Review

In this comprehensive review, we are going to talk about the Acuity Expert Advisor designed by FXTM broker. It is particularly created for MetaTrader platforms and allows users to get insights and news from Dow Jones, helping users to increase their trading and get more winnings.

By combining Dow Jones News and Calendar users can access a practical trading tool that will provide information on major economic events and it is pretty easy to use this terminal. It does not matter whether you are interested in Forex, stocks, or other assets, this feature will give you an exclusive opportunity to be informed about various trading decisions.

How Can This EA Improve Your Trading?

You are interested in how this tool can enhance your trading experience. First of all, it integrates Dow Jones and Calendar News into your Expert Advisor. At the same time, you can observe Market Alerts, Confidence indicators, and events through the Research Terminal. Furthermore, using news and events can be helpful to inform traders in your favorable markets.

Moreover, bullish and bear markets are something inherent to any kind of trading. With the help of this tool, you will be able to analyze news and determine bull and bear market sentiments which can further assist you in trading. The provided data is easily displayed in a visual format that is simple to understand and observe without further complications. The dashboard is also designed in a way to help with the trading activity.

How to use news and events?

One of the main questions concerns the usage of Dow Jones News and Calendar events. This is something that interests every user. Once you have created an account and downloaded the MetaTrader platform, you should follow the following steps:

  • Download the Advisor on the same computer you have installed MetaTrader platform;
  • Click on Install;
  • Once the process is complete click Finish;
  • On the left of navigation click Expert Advisor in MetaTrader;
  • Click twice the Acuity EA and start using the feature.

Advantages of the EA

Expert Advisor can certainly improve your trading process and experience by providing tips, news, and calendar events concerning the market. With the help of Research Terminal, it is also possible to have an all-in-one look at all Dow Jones features.

The Research Terminal gives comprehensive access to which direction the market might move in the future and how strong the outcome is depending on the past events. The calendar will also notify you about the events that will have a possible impact on the instruments you are interested in. The slider can be used to determine the level of impact by positive or negative.

Live market sentiments can also be measured. For each instrument, you can toggle between timeframes and it is an active measure of news volume and level of negativity to guide your next trading step.

Final Words

Acuity Expert Advisor is something very unique and helpful that will assist every customer engaged in trading. This is an incredible feature that can guarantee better trading by providing thorough information on events that can impact your trading process. If you are interested and motivated in more profits, download this tool and get the most out of the broker. If you have problems or questions regarding this platform, or there is trouble in installing the software, you can always contact customer support which will resolve the issue in no time!

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