One of One Funding Review

One of One Funding Review

✔️ Accounts: $6K - $200K
✔️ Profit Split: 100%
✔️ Profit Targets: 8% (Phase 1), 5% (Phase 2)

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One of One Funding distinguishes itself within the proprietary trading firm arena by providing a variety of trading challenges and accommodating a wide range of account sizes, from $6,000 to $200,000.

The firm offers unique one-phase and two-phase challenges, appealing to various traders with its detailed fee structure and an enticing 100% profit share proposition.

Additionally, it enforces specific daily and total loss limits on its challenges, adding a strategic dimension to trading that promotes prudent risk management. More information about these trading conditions can be found below.

For those interested in exploring trading opportunities with One of One Funding and taking advantage of its benefits, get started here!

One of One Funding Prop Firm Review

One of One Funding Prop Firm: Exclusive Coupon Information

There are currently no available discount codes for One of One Funding Prop Firm. However, keep an eye out for any upcoming promotions or updates.

What Trading Platforms Does One of One Funding Offer?

At One of One Funding, traders gain access to a premier trading environment exclusively via DXTRADE.

This platform is chosen to deliver a refined and effective trading experience, perfectly suited for today’s sophisticated traders. Traders are provided immediate access to DXTRADE as soon as they join any of the Funded Account Challenges, bypassing the hassle of downloading software.

Instead, they receive their DXTRADE login details directly, allowing them to dive straight into trading activities. Renowned for its cutting-edge features and intuitive design, DXTRADE enriches the trading process by incorporating a variety of tools and resources, thus playing a crucial role in the trading journey at ONEOFONE.

Trading Instruments at One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One Funding Management Consultancies provides a vast range of financial instruments to suit diverse trading strategies and preferences. Their offerings include:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Crypto
  • Metals
  • Energies
  • Stocks

For those in need of more detailed information on the characteristics of each instrument, such as leverage options and the different pairs or assets available, the FAQ section on ONEOFONE offers comprehensive details, ensuring traders are well-equipped to navigate the financial markets.

Payment Methods at One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One Funding Management Consultancies prioritizes a seamless and safe transaction process for its traders.

In pursuit of this goal, the firm exclusively accepts credit card payments, which guarantees an efficient and straightforward checkout experience. This payment method not only offers convenience but also ensures security, facilitating immediate access to the firm’s services and enabling traders to commence their trading activities promptly.

The exclusive use of credit cards highlights ONEOFONE’s dedication to delivering a hassle-free service and appeals to a broad spectrum of traders through one of the most widely accepted and reliable payment methods available.

Exploring Account Size Options at One of One Funding

One of One Funding Management Consultancies acknowledges the importance of diverse trading strategies and effective risk management by offering a wide range of account sizes. Traders are presented with multiple account tiers, with options beginning at $6,000 and extending up to $200,000, providing the flexibility needed to suit various trading styles and risk preferences.

How One of One Funding Prop Firm Shares Profits

One of One Funding Management Consultancies distinguishes itself within the proprietary trading sector through an exceptionally generous profit-sharing model. The firm provides an extraordinary 100% profit split to its traders, applicable across all account sizes and during each phase of the challenge steps.

Setting the Bar: Profit Targets at One of One Funding

Traders participating in one-step and two-step challenges at One of One Funding Management Consultancies are guided by structured profit goals.

In the first phase, an 8% profit target is uniformly set across all challenge types and sizes—ranging from $6k to $200k—to maintain clarity and consistency.

For the two-step challenges, a 5% profit target in the second phase further sharpens traders’ strategic focus, while one-step challenges conclude after achieving the first phase target. No additional targets are set beyond the second phase.

The challenges also specify various leverage options to suit different trading strategies: 100:1 for Forex, 30:1 for indices, 10:1 for US stocks, and 2:1 for cryptocurrencies.

Drawdown Rules and Loss Limits at One of One Funding Prop Firm

At One of One Funding Management Consultancies, risk management is integral to the trading framework. The firm enforces defined limits on daily and cumulative losses to protect both the traders and the institution from undue market volatility.

  • For 1-Step Challenges: Traders are constrained by a daily loss limit of 4%, promoting meticulous risk assessment and daily strategy adjustments. The total allowable loss is capped at 6%, providing a controlled leeway yet ensuring strict trading discipline.
  • For 2-Step Challenges: To reflect the extended nature of these challenges, loss limits are moderately increased. Traders can incur a maximum daily loss of 5%, offering slightly more room to maneuver through volatile market conditions. The cumulative loss limit is set at 10%, accommodating the greater complexity and longer timeframe of these challenges.

Number of Trading Days Allowed

  • Minimum Trading Days: Regardless of whether they are participating in a one-step or two-step challenge, traders at One of One Funding Management Consultancies must trade for at least 14 days during the funded phase. This stipulation ensures that traders have sufficient time to explore market dynamics, implement their strategies effectively, and adapt to any market shifts as they strive to meet their profit goals.
  • Maximum Trading Days: At ONEOFONE, there is no set maximum limit on the number of trading days for completing the challenges. This provides traders with the flexibility to progress through the challenges at their own pace, aligning with their personal trading methods and external commitments, free from the stress of a fixed deadline.

Cost of Entry for One of One Funding Prop Firm’s Challenge

A uniform commission fee of $5 per lot applies, regardless of the challenge’s size or stage.

Fees and Commissions: What to Expect at One of One Funding

  • $6k challenges are priced at $65.
  • $15k challenges are priced at $150.
  • $25k challenges are priced at $250.
  • $50k challenges are priced at $350.
  • $100k challenges are priced at $550.
  • $200k challenges are priced at $1000.

Information on Refunds at One of One Funding Prop Firm

Traders at One of One Funding Management Consultancies can rely on refundable fees for every challenge they undertake.

Free Trials

One of One Funding Management Consultancies does not offer a free trial under any circumstances.

Payout Timeline at One of One Funding Prop Firm

One of One offers a bi-weekly payout frequency.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of One of One Funding Prop Firm (According to Trustpilot reviews)

  • Customer Support: Traders appreciate ONEOFONE Funding Prop Firm’s exceptional customer service, highlighting the responsiveness and helpfulness of team members like Mark, Wilhem, and William, who assist promptly, even on weekends.
  • Account Transition: Clients value the firm’s ability to transition accounts smoothly to a new broker, with constant communication from the support team, alleviating concerns and ensuring uninterrupted trading.
  • Transparent Payout Structure: Despite initial skepticism, traders are attracted to the prop firm’s 100% payout structure, fostering trust through transparency and commitment to delivering payouts without issues.
  • Trade Access Issues: Some traders face challenges accessing and modifying trades, leading to frustration and financial losses, with concerns raised about the firm’s response and compensation policies.
  • Service Delays: Despite successful payment transactions, delays in receiving services have been reported, with traders experiencing prolonged wait times for responses from support channels.
  • Cryptocurrency Transaction Issues: Using cryptocurrency for transactions presents challenges, including instances of payments made without receiving services, prompting caution against using cryptocurrency and advising card payments for potential refunds.

One of One Funding FAQ Section

How often can I withdraw my profits?

Withdrawal requests can be made every 14 calendar days. Payout processing times vary based on the platform: Payouts are processed within 24 hours after approval.
Crypto: Payouts are processed within 48 hours after approval.
Please note that if you continue trading on your account after the payout is approved and incur losses that surpass the difference between your total profits and the approved payout amount, the payout will be canceled.

What is max allocation?

The max funded allocation a trader can have is $400,000.
There is no limit on challenges.

What is considered Prohibited Conduct?

Working in tandem with yourself and others to implement opposing strategies or other activities aimed at pooling or hedging risk.
Using trading strategies intended to exploit or create errors in the services, such as errors in price display or delayed updates.
Utilizing high-frequency trading software or “bots”.
Bypassing geographical restrictions.
Engaging in trading activities on behalf of others or on anyone’s account other than your own.
Trading while underage, specifically below 18 years of age.
Conducting activities that, solely at the discretion of 1of1 Funding, are deemed not to be a viable trading strategy.

How do I get my refundable challenge fee?

The one-time refundable challenge fee will be reimbursed automatically alongside your initial payout.

What is the Scaling Plan, and how does it work?

The Scaling Plan becomes eligible 3 months after getting funded. If you achieve a 10% gain during this period and receive at least 2 payouts, your account balance will increase by 25%. Further scaling occurs at 25% increments with a cap at $400,000.

What are the spreads like?

Check the spreads by logging into our spread account!
Username: spreads-1-of-1
Password: qgDMxCC3iG

Can I use Expert Advisors (EAs) for trading?

EAs are allowed, but we do not allow HFT bots.

Can I utilize trade copiers?

Yes, trade copiers are allowed, letting you replicate successful strategies.

How do I get in touch with support?

Feel free to reach our support team via email at [email protected].

With 100% profit share, it’s worth trying to complete a challenge! Want to try your skills?

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Starting Fees: $65 - $1,000
Challenge Types: 1-step, 2-step
Payout: Bi-weekly
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One of One Funding Review