Investous Broker – Everything you need to know about this Forex broker

A reliable broker for more than 250,000 traders

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  • Phone: +27 10 900 0380.
  • Address: Unit 106 No. 16 Cor. Hutson and Eyre Streets, Blake Building, Belize City, Belize.

* leverage does not apply to EU clients, and it varies depending on account type and instrument

Over the recent few years, a lot of financial brokers have appeared in the scene, in the light of the tendency of generating main and secondary income via financial trading.

Investous is a Forex broker that offers traders the opportunity to choose from a wide range of tradable assets, from Forex to stocks, indices, commodities, and Cryptocurrencies as well.

The company was founded in 2018, and since then is attracting more and more new clients to its website, using the generous leverage of 1:500 maximum, besides variable spreads which are favorable by every trader.

It incorporates modern technologies that assist traders to achieve successful market activities, using the WebTrader, as well as MetaTrader 4, which add to the legitimacy of this broker.

Every new trader is welcome with a first deposit bonus of 100%, which is applied on the first deposited amount up to $500. This amount that traders can use for their trades, and withdraw without further complexity.

Is Investous Forex broker reliable?

This is definitely the most important feature the traders are looking for since no trader wants to put the money and their capital at the hands of a fraudulent broker.

Investous is a part of the IOS Investment firm, which is operating in Belize under the IFSC license, which regulates the way international financial corporations shall behave in regard to international transactions and investments.

This license is intended for international use, while for activities in the EU Zone, the broker is license regulated by CySEC, which is a regulatory body that regulates the way business is done in terms of international financial transactions.

However, being licensed in Belize might not be the best form of regulation, since Belize does not impose strict regulations similar to those in the US, or the UK, or even in South Africa.

Belize and other countries in the Caribbean have emerged as a hotspot for many companies that run from strict regulations, especially when it comes to conducting international investments and transactions.

The fact that these countries offer a legitimate license, with low requirements, made it very easy for companies to offshore their business. The relaxed restrictions, low obtaining costs, and comfortable tax system are the main features of IFSC.

Trading accounts types

Once you decide to get going with Investous Forex trading and sign up, your deposit will determine which account type you are going to use.

The basic account that starts with $250, is the go-to for most new traders, since it requires the least amount of deposit, with a fair range of spread. However, this account offers only one-time free withdrawal.

The following account type, the Gold account which requires a higher deposit of $25,000 enjoys having a better spread range over top currencies, as well as 1 free withdrawal every month.

The top two accounts, the Platinum and the VIP account which require deposits of $100,000 and $250,000 respectively. These top accounts have the best spread for the top currencies as well as more free monthly withdrawals.

The platinum account holders can make 3 free withdrawals per month, while the VIP traders have absolutely no withdrawals fees at all.

It is important to note that all these types of accounts enjoy generous leverage that can go up to 1:500, denoting that these trades cannot be conducted by European entities, since the maximum leverage that can be used in Europe is 1:30 for Forex

Another message noted by the website is that the minimum deposit can be changed by the broker without prior notice, which is something that might go against the will of the majority of traders.

investous accounts types

Tradable assets

Investous financial broker offers a wide range of instruments that traders use to make money, it basically offers everything that is found on a financial market, such as Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Without quantifying the exact amount of tradeable assets in each instrument, Investous imposes a max cap on each market, as the following


Traders can open positions in the largest financial market, using any currency pair(s), there are 46 currency pairs provided by Investous, with a maximum of lots that can be traded.

Investous restricts traders up to 30 lots on popular currency pair(s), and 10 lots on the least popular pairs, and these openings can enjoy generous leverage of 1:200 or 1:400 which varies depending on the pair itself.


Traders have recently been highly involved in the cryptocurrency market, due to the high volatility associated with this market, which can yield huge gains for the traders.

The fact that major cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin have grown in value hugely over the recent years, making the cryptos market an exciting market that every trader keeps eye on.

Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more cryptos can be traded with Investous, with the opportunity to keep up to 20 trading positions, using leverage that ranges between 1:2 and 1:5


One of the most profitable and popular financial markets, where companies publicly offer the ownership of their stocks, and traders buy and sell this ownership right, or stock, in the stock exchange market.

Traders can buy or sell a company’s shares based on the speculation of the price movements, which come as a result of important news and global events, and if speculations come right, traders can see huge gains from trading in the stock exchange market.

A trader can keep up to 10 trading positions using stocks and can use leverage between 1:10 and 1:20, which varies from one company to another.


The grouping of multiple corporations operating in the same or similar industries is called index, and an index price is associated with the performance of the companies enlist in that index.

S&P 500 index which includes the top tech companies, the price of this index is highly dependent on the price of these companies’ stock price, and some traders prefer this type of trading to make their income

With Investous financial broker, traders can hold up to 3 trading positions using indices trading, with leverage of 1:25 to 1:100, which varies depending on the index itself.


A classic way to trade using agricultural and natural resources, whether it is natural gas, crude oil, gold, silver, coffee and etc… which traders can use to open up to 70 trading positions maximum, using the leverage of 1:100

It is worth noting that these commodities are traded using CFDs (contracts for differences) and a trader is not holding the asset itself and selling it, because trading CFD is using the price speculation of a specific asset, which is a faster way to buy and sell as well.

Trading platforms

Investous Forex broker strives to adopt modern technologies to attract more clients and ensures the most advanced analysis techniques and tools for the trader to make money.

To do so, there are different options for traders to get themselves engaged in the financial markets, such as:


Traders can use the trading software developed by the broker, which has the same tools as any popular platform, all the tools and indicators are available in the WebTrader

It is easily accessible, with a night/day mode view, and a customizable dashboard, in order to give the traders the ultimate control over their positions in the market(s).

The advantage of a WebTrader is that it does not require the installation of any software, it can be directly accessed from the website, and loaded very quickly with no significant lag or latency.

investous WebTrader

MetaTrader 4

The adoption of MT4 on the website is a great step that might indicate that investous is a legit broker, and it incorporates popular software that every trader can be familiar with

Another feature of having the MT4 software prompt by Investous is the fact that MT4 developers only partner with brokers that are reliable and trustworthy. Because the Metatrader is the most popular trading platform, it would not be placed with an unauthorized broker.

Using MT4 with Investous, traders can open positions in the FX market and CFDsat ease, accessible using desktop, tablet, and mobile phone, so traders can keep track as they anytime.

Demo trading account

One of the most important features for any trading broker is to offer a demo trading platform, where every trader can use without losing their money, and without being engaged in a real financial market

Demo accounts are used similarly by beginners and by experts as well, to test new trading strategies, trying out a new way to trade without risking any capital the trader has deposited.

Beginners benefit a lot from the demo trading platform, to get themselves familiar with how trading looks like, what are the charts and indicators, and how does real trading software look like.

Traders are given virtual money in a demo account so they do not use and potentially lose their real money, in a simulation for real-life trading scenarios


One thing we can notice from reviewing Investous is the lack of promotions and bonuses systems, with the only exception of the first deposit bonus.

The first deposit bonus is given to verified accounts, when they deposit money into their trading accounts for the first time, due to which, they receive 100% of the amount deposited up to $500

The amount gifted is automatically added to the equity of a trader and can be used while opening any position in the market, without any significant restrictions on withdrawals.

Account creation steps

1- Click sign up, the green button on the top right corner

2- Select the type of account you are starting with, live or demo

3- Fill the blanks with your name, contact number, and email address

4- You will get an option to send a PIN code on your phone, once you get it, insert it to verify the registration of your account

5- You may be asked to verify your account by submitting identity documents.

6- add funds to your account and start trading.

Features and promotions

Probably one of the standout features of Investous Forex broker is the implementation of decent technology into the WebTrader of the broker, which helps the traders manage their portfolio successfully

Investous - buzz market

TC Market Buzz

TC Market Buzz is a technology that processes and compiles the information surrounding different markets and presents them in a compressed way that shortens the information overload for the trader.

Given the huge information flow regarding every market and especially the trending cryptocurrency news, a trader might get confused with the overload of information, which is compromised using such technology.

TC Research platform

Another tool that adds to the experience of the traders is the ability to research and analyze every trading news, all in one dashboard.

In addition to that, a trader can freely customize the dashboard, rearrange and prioritize what is needed and what a trader wants to see first, making this platform much friendlier and easier to navigate.


The implementation of Web TV is a very nice way to give the traders that feeling as if they are in a real stock exchange market, where they can get a live broadcast of the market news.

This tool also ensures that a trader receives the information at a faster pace, by having it instantly aired on Web TV, rather than waiting for the news to be written.

Education center

Investous Forex broker is distinguished by the tutoring efforts that are demonstrated throughout the website, which goes to explains every single term and every single acronym before going into any details of it.

Besides the usual educating process, the website gives away few strategies and trading tactics that are commonly adopted, and are indeed useful when a trader wants to land a successful position in the market

As well as tips and ways how to use fundamental and technical analysis while reading charts and how can they be important for the trader, all in a clear and well-explained manner.

investous education

Advantages vs disadvantages

After this full review about Investous broker, there are definitely some points of improvements where the websites lack some points, on the other hand, there are some areas that represent a strength points for Investous, these are as follows;



Customer support

Traders have different ways to reach the customer support team, however, we cannot confirm how quick is it to reach the support team.

The unified telephone number is stated on the website, which is a South African telephone number, and having one number might delay the response time if there are many callers at the same time.

Other ways of communication are email, where you can send an email to the support team and get it registered as a ticket. As well as the live chat feature, where traders can instantly get their questions answered using the online chat window.

FAQ about Investous financial broker

Is Investous a legal broker?

Yes, it is, it is part of IOS Investment firm, which is regulated by IFSC in Belize, and at the same is regulated to conduct operations in Europe under CySEC.

Both licenses are stated on the website, with disclosed registration number, contact number, and address, making it quite a reliable broker to work with.

How can I withdraw my money from Investous?

Once you are in your account, look for the “banking” tab, then the “withdrawal” tab, where you will have to enter the amount you want to withdraw and select the withdrawal method as well as the account where you want to receive the money.

What type of charts can I use in Investous?

Candlesticks – Heikin-Ashi – HLC – Line – Area – Dots charts are used in the WebTrader of Investous.

Traders can easily switch between the charts and navigate using the button and options given on the WebTrader.

What is the minimum deposit required for Investous?

$250 is the minimum required for the basic account, however, there are other accounts types and they require a different minimum deposit.

The Gold account requires a minimum deposit of $25,000. The Platinum account requires a minimum deposit of $100,000, and finally, the VIP account requires a minimum deposit of $250,000 to start trading.