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The Advantages Of A Darwinex Trading Account – Learn More In This Darwinex Review

Darwinex is an investment oriented Forex broker that offers an opportunity for both traders as well as investors to profit from the financial markets. At Darwinex, the key management members are dedicated to creating an excellent platform that is devoid of any scams or malpractices.

During these times of financial uncertainty and financial frauds, Darwinex is one of the very few companies that serve their clients in an honest and transparent manner. Darwinex is based in the London Financial markets, which comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Darwinex regulation and all aspects of authorizations, as well as licenses, are supervised by the FCA under the various regulatory guidelines issued by the UK authorities. FCA is also a part of the European MiFID, which brings it under the European Economic Area Agreement, virtually guaranteeing a free pass into the European markets without any additional authorizations. Darwinex is a trusted Forex broker and an extremely reliable investment agency that works tirelessly in maintaining an authentic customer-centric approach.

Although FCA regulation guarantees a safe and secure trading environment, Darwinex has several trading rules and client service policies that further reinforce trust and security among their investors. In this Darwinex broker review, we will cover all the nascent aspects of the company that has the potential to convert Darwinex into one of the most popular FX trading and investment platforms in the world.

Darwinex Account For Traders & Investors


A Darwinex trading account provides the ability for both traders as well as investors to invest in the currency markets for a fruitful and lucrative trading career. Clients are given two options for an account, either join as a trader or sign up as an investor for the closed book social trading account. The trading account is a straightforward affair that starts from $500 for a maximum Darwinex leverage of 1:200. The leverage is certainly on the lower side, and the higher trading capital can also deter small traders from opening an account with Darwinex. On the flip side, the higher margin requirements are certainly aimed at reducing the risk to traders, which does help in maintaining a comparatively lower risk-appetite for traders. The trading account is a Direct Market Access (DMA) affair that connects traders directly to the LMAX liquidity provider.

Therefore, traders can expect the Darwinex spreads to hover between 0 and 0.5 pips on major currency pairs during normal trading conditions. Regardless, traders will have to pay a $5 commission per round lot traded, which seems to be the standard commission for most DMA or ECN accounts. While the spreads are considered to be competitive, there are times when spreads can increase exponentially, especially during periods of high volatility, which is a severe drawback of connecting to the LMAX. Traders should account for the variable spreads while trading with a Darwinex Forex trading account. The Investment account is a social trading platform that allows investors to find a suitable trader and invest in their funds in return for a nominal performance fee. The investment account is closely monitored by Darwinex representatives to ensure that only consistently successful traders are provided the opportunity to join the investor program as a trader. Darwinex also invests its funds into investor accounts if it finds suitable traders that have proven to be consistent in their results. Managed accounts are increasing in popularity throughout the retail trading market, especially due to the ease of investing in high-performing accounts without risking any capital without the required market expertise. Darwinex has developed an intriguing management platform that tracks a broad range of parameters related to the performance of a trader. The broker has termed all traders under the investment account as Darwins, and Darwins are selected after an extensive scrutinizing procedure performed by in-house experts. In fact, Darwinex allocates at least $6 million in its funds to Darwins for trading purposes, apart from rewards and bonuses. Investors that seek to invest in the Darwin Fund for a sizeable profit, while Darwins can expect up to 20% share in profits generated from the managed funds. Darwinex brokerage accounts offer access to a wide range of financial assets. Forex, commodities, metals, CFDs, indices, and other ETFs are all accessible through the MT4 interface, which acts as the only Darwinex trading platform for both desktops as well as mobile traders. Since MT4 trading terminals are available for different devices ranging from desktop, tablet, and smartphones, Darwinex mobile traders will find it easy to trade the FX markets through the trading apps available on their respective app stores.

Does Darwinex Have A Different Platform For Managed Fund Investing?

Yes, Darwinex has designed a dedicated DarwinIA online platform that gives investors access to their investment account. The DarwinIA platform helps in managing an investment portfolio by selecting different Darwins, assigning individual funds, and gets a detailed analysis of the profits and losses for each investment. However, unlike conventional social trading accounts, a Darwinex investment account does not allow investors to copy trades directly from the Darwins. Such a move is designed to protect the intellectual property of traders, and to enable them to conserve their strategy from prying eyes. Therefore, traders are guaranteed of their share in commissions, which is one of the reasons why Darwinex investment account makes sense from a successful trader’s perspective. Darwinex bonus and rewards are solely reserved for Darwins and successful traders according to their trading results. Deposits and other payments are unfortunately not eligible for any bonuses, which might irk a few traders. Nevertheless, Darwinex may be an excellent choice of a broker if you are serious about your trading career.

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