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  • Website: www.amarkets.com
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  • Office address:
  • #2B Moskovska St. 7th Floor, Podgorica
  • Montenegro

AMarkets Broker Review

The online trading industry has expanded exponentially in recent years. There are more online trading brokerages to choose from than ever before, many of them cannot be trusted, and many of them simply do not offer quality services. Therefore, it’s difficult to choose a proper online trading brokerage to deal with. Thankfully for you, we found a reputable online trading brokerage known as AMarkets that’s worth reviewing. This online trading brokerage has seen tremendous growth over the years, won numerous awards, and many people recommend them. Therefore, in the following review we’ll delve deep into all aspects of the AMarkets online trading brokerage and see what sets them apart from the competition and whether or not they can be trusted.

Company Information

AMarkets is a leading financial online trading brokerage who services traders from around the globe. The brokerage features a wide array of electronically traded investment products across a variety of lucrative markets. AMarkets provides their traders with all the sophisticated tools and features for self and algorithmic trading, as well as advanced trading management solutions. AMarkets has been providing these services for a number of years and have become one of the most well-respected and competent brokers in the space. AMarkets is owned and operated by AMarkets Ltd. and was founded in 2007. Since their establishment, AMarkets has grown tremendously and now operates around the world with head offices located in Almaty Kazakhstan, Tbilisi Georgia, and Armenia Yerevan. As well, AMarkets main headquarters are based out of Montenegro and are located at #2B Moskovska St. 7th Floor, Podgorica, Montenegro.

While AMarkets maintains an international presence, there are countries in which they do not provide their services due to legal and regulatory reasons. These unserved countries include USA, Great Britain, Japan, Lithuania, North Korea, Algeria, Myanmar and Iraq. AMarkets does not service clients from these countries because of their regulations. AMarkets is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Saint Vincent with license number 22567 IBC 2015. As well, AMarkets is a member of an international dispute resolution organization known as the Financial Commission. Another thing, the financial credibility of AMarkets has been verified by Ernst & Young which is an international auditing company apart of the “Big Four”. In the online trading industry this is a massive step towards transparency and legitimacy, making them a well respected and highly reputable online trading brokerage.

To compliment this reputation, AMarkets has been awarded numerous awards across all areas of their services. These awards have been granted by prestigious and international publications. See some of their most respected rewards listed below.

Assets Available

AMarkets offers their traders an extensive array of financial instruments and markets to participate in trading. For instance, traders can find opportunities trading forex, precious metals, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. See below, the extent of the financial assets offered.




Precious metals



Investment portfolios


Commissions & Spreads

AMarkets has a very flexible fee structure in which traders can choose how they would like to incur fees through trading. For instance, traders can choose between fixed or variable spreads, market execution or instant execution, commission free trading or trades with tighter spreads but involve commission. No matter which type of trader you are, AMarkets has a favorable fee structure that suites your trading style. Another point worth mentioning is that traders do not incur any fees for deposits or withdrawals. See below the average spreads or commission for different account types.

Classic Accounts

Direct Accounts

ECN Accounts

Institutional Accounts

Bonuses & VIP Program

AMarkets features very enticing and lucrative bonuses and promotions for their new and on-going clients. The bonuses and features change from time to time but are always plentiful and very attractive. See AMarkets current bonuses and promotions listed below.


AMarkets features not 1 but 3 different mobile trading applications for their various trading platforms. Traders can download these applications for both Apple and Android mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The mobile applications available are for the MT4 trading platform, the Mirror Trader platform, and the RoboX platform. All of these mobile applications have been fully optimized for use on a mobile device and maintain the same level of sophistication as the desktop versions of these platforms.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing funds with AMarkets is simple, fast and easy. Also, AMarkets has plenty of options for traders to choose from. They really do their best to accommodate the payment needs of every trader, no matter where they’re from. See below, the supported deposit and withdrawal methods along with their associated fees and processing times.

Plastic Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Prepaid Card)

SWIFT Bank Wire Transfer

Deposit and withdrawal fees and processing times are the same for this method. See the details below.

Electronic Payment Systems

All deposits for e-payment systems are free and funds are processed instantly. As for withdrawals, see the details below.

Customer Support

One area that AMarkets really excels in is their level of customer support. AMarkets has some of the best customer support in the online trading industry and they have won awards for just this. The available methods of support include email, skype, live chat, telegram, and telephone which are available in 6 different languages. These support methods are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and each contact method provide a specialized service. For instance, email is best for traders looking for a well thought out and detailed response, skype is best for new traders with many questions, live chat is best for quick and short responses, telegram is good for general communication with traders and support representatives, and telephone is good for gaining further details on certain issues. All support methods serve their purpose well and are very responsive, helpful, and friendly in their own unique way. Also, additional methods of support include the websites extensive and comprehensive FAQ page, as well as the overall content found throughout the AMarkets website.





Is AMarkets regulated?

Yes. AMarkets is regulated by the Financial services Authority (FSA).

Where is AMarkets based?

AMarkets is based out of Montenegro.

How does AMarkets make money?

AMarkets charges trading fees through commissions and spreads.

How do I deposit in AMarkets account?

AMarkets accepts Bitcoin deposits, Bank Wire transfer, Credit cards and eWallets.

How do I withdraw money from AMarkets?

You can withdraw from AMarkets through Bitcoin deposits, Bank Wire transfer, Credit cards and eWallets.

Can I trade on AMarkets with my mobile device?

Yes, you can use your mobile device to trade on AMarkets through their downloadable mobile application.

Is AMarkets reliable?

AMarkets has proven to be a reliable and trusted exchange that has yet to be hacked.

Is AMarkets a scam?

No. AMarkets is a very legit exchange and is not a scam.